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OctoStars Reward Program

Earn Stars to Receive Discounts and Special Offers!

Becoming an OctoStar is simple and completely free.

Join today for a special welcome discount or sign in to your account to earn Stars. There are many ways to earn Stars! Simply shop our site, refer a friend, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, or share our store on Twitter and Facebook. The more you spend, the greater the reward!

Ready to become an OctoStar?

How it Works
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Shop on our Webstore

Earn Stars for every dollar you spend!

Follow and Share on Social Media

Earn Stars for the following:

⭐ 50 Stars -  Follow on Facebook
⭐ 50 Stars -  Follow on Instagram

⭐ 50 Stars -  Follow on Twitter

⭐ 50 Stars -  Share our store on Facebook
⭐ 50 Stars -  Share our store on Twitter

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Celebrate your Birthday

Earn ⭐200 Stars for your Birthday every year!

Refer a Friend
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You can give your friends a 10% OFF coupon to shop on our webstore, and if they use it you also get a 10% OFF coupon!

This can be done multiple times, so share the love and save!

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Use your stars to get discounts and special offers to use on your next purchase!

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