Shop by Style

Soft and sweet pastel colors, adorable and cuddly motifs. Great for fairy kei, yumekawaii, and other sweet looks!

Pastel Kawaii

Spooky Cute

Darker and edgier, spooky and creepy cute motifs. Great for pastel goth, yamikawaii, and other spooky looks!

Neon Rainbow

Bright and colorful neon colors, fun and playful motifs. Great for decora kei, rainbowcore, and other colorful looks!

Miss Octopie is a kawaii art and fashion brand inspired by the colorful and fun Japanese street styles such as fairy kei, decora, sweet lolita, and pastel goth. We offer Men and Women fashions from sizes XS - 5XL, because everyone deserves to dress cute!


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